A Trusted Academy For PfCO Drone Training

ProDrone Academy delivers the highest quality PfCO training and is dedicated to helping people optimise their skills at all levels.

Our PfCO Refresher Course is ideal for those who already have valid permission from the CAA but need to update their current skills.

This course will keep you up-to-date with the latest regulations and amendments to CAP 722 along with the ANO (Air Navigation Order).

So, why become a commercial drone pilot in 2019?

When you work as a commercial drone operator, no two days will ever the same. With most commercial drone work carried out by freelance contractors, being a pilot can have you working for both small businesses and multinational companies. One day you might be working for a property developer, creating a promotional video; another carrying out a survey of a construction site. 

Working as a drone pilot can also be highly lucrative, with even a single job earning most pilots around £800.

However, as with any business, you need to build up your list of contacts. Based in Ely, Cambridge, ProDrone Academy not only offers practical training but have courses on sales and marketing to help you promote your business.  

Since drones are becoming more popular, it’s important to hone your skills to stand out from the competition. Most successful businesses tend to focus on a particular area. Our Introduction to Drone Aerial Imagery for Mapping, Surveying and Photography Course could be ideal if this field interests you.

Why not get in touch about our PfCO training today? Call today on 01353 771459 or email us at ian@prodroneacademy.co.uk for more information.

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