Aerial Photography & Cinematography Training

2 Day Course-Cost £450

The drone market is a competitive place and is set to expand rapidly over the next 5 years. In any expanding marketplace its important to stand out and with ProDrone Academy’s ‘Aerial Photography and Cinematography 101’ course that’s exactly what you can do by producing stunning aerial content every day.


Your imaging is both your shop window and your product, and by ensuring that you have key skills to produce beautiful results every time you’re making an investment that will that will pay dividends year after year as the industry grows!


The ProDrone Academy ‘Aerial Photography and Cinematography 101’ course will enable you to:


  • Understand your cameras settings for both stills and videography and how it works

  • Understand lighting, composition and better judge angles

  • Understand differing file formats and what their advantages are

  • When to use ancillary equipment

  • Post production skills & Software Packages

  • Storage and Copyright

  • How to produce a mind blowing portfolio and show reel

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