Obtain a Commercial Drone Licence in the UK

Becoming a commercial pilot of drones has never been more profitable - this is an industry which has flourished over the past decade and qualified drone pilots are very much in demand all over the UK.

Whether you operate drones for a major company or a smaller business, working as a commercial drone pilot is extremely interesting and no two days will be the same. Once you’ve found your speciality, it’s a great way to start a business.

No matter if you’re interested in gathering thermal images of buildings or taking stunning sky-high photographs of weddings, ProDrone Academy can help commercial pilots to get their licence and provide support in growing and maintaining a successful business. Our ultimate aim is to help you get to where you want to be.

Get your licence and start building a successful business in 2019.

Our team understand that picking the right flight school makes a big difference. When you choose ProDrone Academy you’ll be taught by one of the industry’s most experienced teams. We want to make it easy to achieve your commercial drone licence and our CAA accredited courses enable you to gain your PfCO certification in the shortest time possible.

Our training includes our Aerial Survey, Inspection, Mapping and Photogrammetry Training which will give you the essential skills needed to collect and collate imaging for geospatial products.

If you need a commercial drone licence in the UK, why not discover more about our courses?

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