Do You Need A Commercial Drone Licence In The UK?

Summer is a great time to get your commercial drone licence and kick-off your career.


Before becoming a commercial pilot of drones in the UK, you must register your devices and have an understanding of this country’s regulations. This includes getting a CAA accredited commercial drone licence.


With new regulations being introduced for drone operators on 30th July, it’s more important than ever that you have the right training. 


The laws are evolving to reflect the increased use of this type of technology, with the government keen to encourage their use while improving safety at the same time.


In particular, drone operators must be aware of the new height and airport boundary restrictions, with all legal responsibilities on your shoulders. The new regulations introduced in the UK on 30th July means drones can’t fly above 400 feet. If a drone pilot is suspected of flying illegally, they can have their equipment seized by the police, which obviously nobody wants!


Get your commercial drone licence with as supportive team.


ProDrone Academy is a popular training school in the UK who offer a wide range of courses, including our Remote Pilot Competency Certification (RPCC) course which starts from £895. The syllabus covers everything you need to know to become a commercial drone operator.


For more information on our commercial drone courses in the UK, simply get in touch today.


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