Drone Flying Courses Taught By Experts

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, ProDrone Academy can deliver courses on flying drones for pilots at all levels. 


Drones have soared in popularity when it comes to recreational use; they have also become vital tools for many industries. Over the past decade, they’ve been used for everything from transporting kidneys to hospitals to aerial surveys and even tracking sharks near beaches in Australia.

In 2016 the UK government got together with Amazon to start testing drones that can deliver parcels to your door. Thanks to their increasing usage, it’s likely that commercial drone piloting will become even more profitable in the next few years.

If you’ve been considering becoming a commercial drone pilot in the UK, simply enrol on one of our courses.

In order to fly a drone for commercial purposes, you must gain PfCO certification from a CAA approved training academy like ProDrone Academy. This is not only important for your safety and everybody else’s, but for insurance and liability reasons.

Located in Ely, Cambridgeshire, ProDrone Academy offers courses taught by leading experts in their fields with training suitable for both beginners and professionals. We can help you become a safe and responsible pilot with the necessarily CAA approved qualifications.

Our team can provide all the information you need on flying a drone for commercial purposes, including how to start a successful business.

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