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CAA accredited professional drone training from the UK's leading UAV Business School.

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ProDrone Academy is no ordinary RAE. We are different to 90% of the drone training organisations that you will come across for one reason. We train you to be  successful as an operator. Our unique course content teaches you the business of Professional drone operations, going above and beyond what it needed to gain your GVC certification. We want you to learn strategies that will help you develop a long-term sustainable business rather than just giving you what is needed to operate legally. Become a professional drone pilot with our Remote Pilot Competency Certification (RPCC) course and gain your GVC (General VLOS Certification)

How does it all work?

Phase 1:-Ground School


This covers the theoretical requirement as set by the CAA and is comprised of the eight modules. It is delivered by our expert team of tutors who have years of operational UAV experience to bring to the table.


The syllabus includes:


  • Air Law / Responsibilities

  • Aircraft Knowledge

  • Meteorology

  • Flight Safety

  • Airmanship, Safety and Operating Procedures

  • Navigation / Charts

  • Human Factors

  • UAS Airspace Operating Principles


COVID-19 Notice

Our courses are now being conducted via live video feed to comply with the governments social distancing requirements

Phase 2

Operations Manual


We provide you with our industry leading Operations Manual template to assist you in writing this CAA required manual. Your Tutor will guide and support you through the process of shaping this to suit your individual business, helping you to take ownership of this important document that forms the basis of how your business will run.

Theory exam


The venue for the exam and assessment is at our own facilities, or it may be possible at other mutually agreeable venues.

The multi-choice theory exam is normally sat  on day 2 just before the flight assessment. This cuts down on the amount of travel you have to do.

Note:  Should you happen to fail the exam, you will be given an opportunity to re-sit at no extra cost

The Practical Flight Assessment

The Practical Flight Assessment is primarily safety focused and tests a candidate’s flying skill and safe operational ability and will be conducted from our private airfield close to our Cambridgeshire base. This is set against the candidate’s company Operations Manual. Your Tutor will provide you with close support leading up to the assessment, so nothing will come as a surprise to you. Your assessor will be looking for competent and safe flying – not amazing hand flying skills and will quickly put you at your ease, to ensure that you perform to your maximum capability.

Should you happen to fail the assessment, the assessor will debrief you and offer you a further opportunity to re-sit the assessment the same day. There is no resit charge.

2 Day Intensive Course £895

3 Day Course with Practical Ops Day Bolt On £1150

4 Day Course with Practical Ops Day Bolt on and Private Flight Tuition £1300

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