How To Earn A Commercial Drone Pilot Licence? 

The potential benefits of achieving a commercial drone pilot licence and putting it into practice across the UK are growing day by day.


More and more businesses are searching for the best in everything from cinematography, mapping, photography among other things, all of which can be performed by yourself once you have completed an accredited course and received your licence.


By choosing our team at ProDrone Academy you will have the best chance of learning and developing your drone skills alongside the professionals. 

How to achieve a commercial drone pilot licence?

Our  PfCO course at ProDrone Academy is accredited by CAA and by the end of the course you will have a RPCC (Remote Pilot Competency Certificate) which will open up a number of opportunities for your career. If you are searching for a course led by professionals who have gained real UAV experience in a variety of settings, we are on hand to help you at ProDrone Academy. 

What is involved in our courses for commercial drones? 

We have curated our syllabuses to ensure that beginners and experienced drone pilots can gain a complete and rounded qualification. The three diverse courses we run (two, three and four-day qualifications) will include theory and practical assessments to ensure that you are competent, confident and knowledgeable about the limitations and capabilities of flying a commercial drone in a variety of applications. 

If you are interested and would like to discover more about earning a commercial drone pilot licence, speak with one of our helpful team at ProDrone Academy today. ​