Looking For A Drone Surveying Courses In The UK?

Need to learn more about the process of mapping using drones?

Land surveying is a complex job. However drones have made it much easier, enabling us to map all kinds of places in the most remote and rural areas, without posing a risk to the environment. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) significantly reduce the amount of time needed to collect highly accurate surveying data for any project. They’re particularly useful for accessing terrain which is difficult or dangerous for human beings to reach. 

Our courses at ProDrone Academy include our Drone Survey Training that's designed for anybody looking to earn their Remote Competency Certificate in Surveying.

This two-day course is perfect for commercial sUAS operators and businesses looking to enhance their knowledge of surveying techniques using drones. Our accredited expert will teach you how to accurately plan and collate imaging to produce geospatial products.

Our Drone Surveying Course is the only course in the UK with our particular syllabus and format and includes both practical-based and classroom learning. You’ll be taught by an accredited Aerial Imaging and Spatial Analyst who has over 25 years of experience under their belt.

Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, ProDrone Academy attracts operators from all over the UK to our drone surveying courses. Booking is extremely easy and can be done online.

For more information, simply contact our team today on 01353 771459 or info@prodroneacademy.co.uk

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