Looking For Commercial Drone Training In The UK?

Are you looking for training to become a commercial drone pilot?

When using a drone safety is paramount, and it is crucial you fly it with the minimal amount of risk to yourself and the public. Our training will ensure you become the safest drone pilot possible and help you hone your remote flying abilities.

With the right skills you can use this type of technology to create a highly successful business. Whether you’re looking to specialise in videography or enter into the surveying industry.

Why choose ProDrone Academy for your training in the UK?

Pas a Civil Aviation Authority accredited NQE, ProDrone Academy is ideal for anybody looking for commercial operations drone training. We enable you to gain your PfCO certification in as little as two days, with courses delivered by highly qualified instructors.

Whether you’ve never flown a drone before or are looking to enhance your current skills, our training in the UK could be ideal. We offer a selection of training courses, including our Introduction to Drone Technology Workshop which covers a wide range of topics, such as air law and responsibilities, aircraft knowledge, flight safety and emergency procedures.

All our training is tailored to help you become a commercial drone pilot.

For more information on our training in the UK, simply get in touch today.

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