Operations Manual PfCO and GVC Renewal Audit £120

Over 50% of all renewal applications are put on hold due to out of date or poorly maintained operations manuals. Of this 50% the same errors are continually repeated. Our Op's manual audit will ensure that you are in the 50% that gets approved!

Your ops manual is a vital cog in your business, and can end up causing you a world of pain if it is not kept up to date with the latest legislation and terminology. The CAA require you to read and update it regularly and can withdraw your permissions if you fail to do so!

Our team have personally desktop audited hundreds of Op's manuals from many different NQE's and are able to indicate to you via a detailed report which parts are out of date and likely to hold up your application.


You can then make amendments and submit it with the confidence that is has been signed off by an industry professional with years of aviation experience in the unmanned sector.

To learn more call our office on 01353 771459 or email ian@prodroneacademy.co.uk

Ops manual auditing is offered outside the scope of our RAE status and is a private service offered by ProDrone Academy