Our Commercial Drone Flying Courses

The future is looking extremely bright for this particular sector. If you’re keen to become a commercial drone pilot, now is a great time to enrol in one of our flying courses.

The UK’s professional drone industry is estimated to be worth £42 billion by 2030, according to major accountancy firm PwC. Furthermore, there’s expected to be more than 72,000 drones in the sky by the end of the next decade.

Drones capture the kind of breath-taking photographs that are impossible to recreate in any other way, but they’re also useful for the defence, health and education sectors. It’s believed a third of drones will be employed in these industries in the near future. 

Currently, most drones in the UK are used in the technology, media and communications sectors. However, they’re being increasingly adopted by all kinds of companies.

Becoming a commercial drone pilot is likely to be highly profitable and can give you the chance to earn up to a six-figure salary; it is also an immensely interesting career where no two days are the same.

ProDrone Academy specialises in CAA approved flying courses for commercial drone pilots and can help get your career on track. We can improve your operational capacities, helping you to become a skilled and safe pilot.

Why not discover more about our drone flying courses today?

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