Our Partners


ProDrone Academy operates a partnership programme with a series of carefully chosen third party suppliers. You can use the associated discount codes to apply for discounts on things like insurance, drone peripherals and of course training!

Insurance Partners

Pay-As-You-Fly commercial drone insurance. We include 30 days of comprehensive in-flight cover plus annual out of flight theft and accidental damage cover for all equipment. Add in-flight cover online prior to any flight. Buy additional in-flight days from £2.94 a day. We guarantee no matter how many days you fly you will never pay more than the annual premium we quoted you. You can cancel booked days and roll over up to 7 unused days at renewal

Skywatch Logo

SkyWatch.AI provides drone insurance on-demand, including liability coverage for commercial drone pilots up to £10M liability limit. SkyWatch.AI's flexible and affordable coverage allows you to easily customize your drone insurance, select hourly or monthly plans and save up to 50% on your premiums by flying safely over time.

Photographic Equiptment

Campkins Logo

Campkins Cameras is an independent, family-run retail business specialising in the sale of new and second hand cameras both modern and vintage, binoculars and telescopes. We’ve been a feature of the Cambridge High Street, serving the photographic and optical needs of the local community since 1955. 

Our proud heritage extends beyond expertise in photography and optics to a desire to always provide exceptional customer service, sound advice and the best value we can. At a time when surviving as an independent retailer is more challenging than ever, we understand that customers value our unique services and friendly, face-to-face interaction which can’t be found online, at a general electronics outlet or a department store.

Campkins stocks a wide range of drones, equipment and peripherals