Drone Registration and Education Scheme Opens for Business

The much talked about drone registration and education scheme, that requires all owners and flyers of drones to register and take an online test opened for business this week.

The scheme requires that anyone who owns or is responsible for an unmanned aircraft must register as an SUA operator and also take the online test if they intend to fly it. Operators are issued with an operator number that must be clearly displayed on the aircraft and likewise remote pilots are issued with a number specific to themselves that must be available for inspection by a police officer if requested.

Those under 18 who wish to fly must do so under the supervision of somebody over 18 who must be registered as an SUA operator.

Those who already hold a recognised proof of competency from the BMFA or a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) are already deemed to have met the competency requirements laid down under the new legislation and although exempt from the need to complete the online exam must still register as an SUA operator and pay the £9 fee.

To find out more about commercial drone training or find out more about flying drones call the ProDrone Academy office on 01353 780766

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