Ely Aviation Launches New Roof Inspection Service

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Ely Aviation, one of Cambridgeshire’s leading commercial drone operators, has launched a new roof inspection service which has the potential to save roofing contractors hours of work and lots of money.

Ely Aviation’s Managing Director said “The roofing industry has been around for a very long time, since its inception it has created new opportunities for people to injure both themselves and others, and also for human error, particularly in measurements, to cause all kinds of headaches for facilities managers, surveyors, planners and construction providers. But fortunately, drones came along and are in the process of totally revolutionising the industry."

He continued “Using a drone to carry our roof inspection and survey work will radically decrease the number of injuries, deaths, project delays and errors that have become endemic within the industry. Today, within just one click of a button (maybe more than one!) and about 15 minutes you can produce beautifully detailed automated reports, in enormous detail with the incredibly minute margin for error in accuracy."

The service is available with immediate effect and interested parties are invited to call the project management team at Ely Aviation’s offices on 01353 771459.

Ely Aviation Banner & Drone

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