How to Succeed as a Commercial Drone Operator!

ProDrone Academy Has recently released a guide entitled ‘How to Succeed as a Commercial Drone Operator’.

Written by sales marketing expert Ian Titchener the guide contains valuable information that enables newly qualified operators or those thinking about obtaining their PfCO to make sure they are on the right path to success, avoiding the age old mistakes that new business owners very often make. Ian has a 22 year background in sales and marketing and owns leading commercial Drone Operator Ely Aviation.

He said “We have been passing this information onto our students for a long time and doing our best to help them succeed. We want to make this information more readily available to the industry at large as there seems to be a real skills gap in sales and marketing and having a general roadmap to success

If you would like to obtain your free copy of the guide call the ProDrone Academy office on 01353 780766 or email

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