Illegal BVLOS, I’m not doing any harm am I!

These are the words that I noted within some of the forums on Facebook yesterday (Yes, the word Mini was in the groups name!) It always frustrates those of us who have been around a while when we see blatantly illegal flights posted in some of the drone groups on Facebook. In this particular instance, the original poster was asking about what the legal limits where when it came to operating UAV’s of below 250g, this was followed by people identifying themselves as having flown ‘2 miles out and about 2 miles high’ and various mentions of ‘I don’t care im not doing any harm’ and ‘I don’t give a f***’ I believe in a lot of cases the last statement is true!

So what does the law actually say about BVLOS with a drone of under 250g? Well, the answer is that it says the same as it does for aircraft of up to 25kg!

Open category operations are bounded by three main factors:

• the maximum take-off mass/flying