Is your aerial footage safe and legal?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Drones are now a very familiar sight in our skies. You may even have one! Or if you are unlucky you may be amongst the hundreds of people who crashed one over the festive period! It's not hard to crash a drone if you haven't flown before, but luckily there are a basic set of rules in place called the 'Drone Code' these are taken from a piece of legislation known as the Air Navigation Order, which covers all of the airspace in the UK (inside and outside!)

The drone code says:

1. You must not fly within 50 meters of any person of vehicle that is not under your control (somebody who is not with you or a car that isn't yours)

2. You must not fly within 150 meters of any town or build up area used for either business or residential purposes.

3. You must not fly above 400 feet (120 meters)

4. You must keep your drone within line of sight at all times and sly no further than 500m away (whichever is less)

5. You must not fly by first-person view (for example with DJI Goggles) without a spotter but preferably not at all 6.And here's the real curve ball! You must not fly commercially without approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. Whether it is in exchange for a beer, money or goodwill you cannot use a drone within your business without these things.

  • A qualification from a CAA approved NQE (National Qualified Entity or drone training school)

  • Specialist insurance

  • A CAA Approved Operations Manual ( which sets out how you will do things safely)

  • Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA (PfCO)

Have you shot any drone footage and used it on Youtube? If you have done so and you have ads switched on, you are benefitting commercially and breaking the law. Are you using drone footage a friend shot within your business, promotional material or on your website? Are they qualified and insured? If you need aerial photography within your business it's recommended to use something such as the Dronesafe Register. All members are screened and checked to ensure that they are qualified, insured and have valid permissions. As always if you have any questions do give us a call! We would love to hear from you!

Drone Flying
Drone Flying
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