ProDrone Academy Announces New Aerial Photography and Cinematography Course

Industry leading drone training provider ProDrone Academy has announced the launch of its new ‘Aerial Cinematography and Photography 101‘ course.

The course is designed for those who have little or no experience of using their aerial camera platform and will focus on both theoretical and practical aspects, enabling delegates to use their aerial camera to full effect.

ProDrone Academy senior instructor Ian Titchener said “it’s worrying how many people qualify and have no idea how to operate a camera, on even using the most basic of settings. This new course which has been written by two industry experts with years of experience and will provide delegates with all of the skills that they need in order to provide their customers with the incredible aerial cinematography and photography that they have a right to expect. After all what we are selling is the ability to produce stunning photography and cinematography not the fact that we can fly a drone “

The new course is due to begin in September, details of dates will be announced shortly from the ProDrone Academy website. To find out more contact Project Academy on (01353) 780766 or or

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