ProDrone Academy Launches OSC Writing Service

Industry leading professional drone training company ProDrone Academy has launched a new OSC writing service to add to its portfolio of courses and services for commercial drone operators.

An OSC (or Operating Safety Case) allows holders of a standard permission (PfCO) to operate to far lesser distances than the standard permission grants, allowing scope for a much wider range of works to be undertaken. In order to obtain an OSC you have to write an additional volume to your ops manual that will contain the enhanced procedures that you will use to ensure a safe flight when operating. This document will also need to be scrutinised by the CAA to make sure that the Remote Pilot holds a great enough degree of experience and that the risk mitigation put in place is up to scratch.

ProDrone Academy Senior Instructor Ian Titchener said “The cost of writing an OSC has always been prohibitive for 90% of pfco holders, so we have set out to change that by offering basic OSC’s for reduced distances at a roughly 40% less than the average market rate” He continued “Our team have written hundreds of ops manuals over the past few years so it’s a logical step for us to also offer enhancements to this service. We want to put this option in the reach of smaller operators and give them access opportunities to enhance their services”

To discuss your OSC application and for rates call the ProDrone Academy office on 01353 780766 or email

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