The end of the world as we know it?.....Not quite!

Last Friday many of the industries National Qualified Entities gathered at Aviation House, the Gatwick Airport based headquarters of the Civil Aviation Authority to hear the shape of things to come.

Many industry pundits were predicting the end of the world with the demise of the ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ authorization that has long been the industry standard, were they wrong? The answer (as we all suspected) was a resounding yes.

What happens to those who currently hold a PfCO or OSC and those who will gain one between now and Jun 30th, 2020?

Absolutely nothing! Holders of both the PfCO and OSC whose renewal date falls after June of next year will be grandfathered across to the new ‘Operational Authorisation’ and will enjoy all of the same rights and privileges as they currently do. And this will remain the case for as long as the standard permission or OSC is renewed.

What does the new system look like?

Under the new system, there are 3 different categories that flights will fall into being Open, Specific and Certified. The system will move away from the delineation of being commercial or hobbyist and will move to a risk-based model. And depending upon the level of risk, the capability of the aircraft and co