Training Isn’t a Dirty Word!

Quality training in any industry is one of the most important things that businesses can invest in. From construction to carpentry, weekly stories are self-evident detailing chronic skill shortages in many different vertical markets and the drone industry is no different.

In my role as an NQE owner, assessor and examiner I deal with many students, not only our own but also those from many other National Qualified Entities. One of the things that still shocks me is the approach of many new remote pilots who when setting up their business advertise everything from mapping to film and television work, despite being woefully underqualified to carry out the work.

There seems to be a lack of understanding in what your PfCO is, and what you as a new business are selling. The PfCO is a permission to operate and carry out aerial work for valuable consideration, what you are selling is the imaging. Whether its 4K footage or data collected for an aerial survey, more than the level of knowledge obtained on your 2-3 day PfCO course is necessary to deliver the quality of products that will be required to make your business successful (I caveat this with an exception for videographers, photographer and GIS pros who are adding drones to their business)

The number of newly qualified pilots who put services such as thermography, mapping and photogrammetry on their websites without any idea how to competently carry these services out continues to surprise many in the industry, not to mention the clients of these self-appointed experts. The problem with this is that it does the industry, and the reputation or drone operators no good whatsoever.

What is the solution to this problem? The obvious answer is more training, but in reality it falls upon the shoulders of the various NQE’s/RAE’s to be more realistic as to the capabilities of students with no experience in the relative vertical markets to stress the importance of competency beyond that granted by the standard permission.

If you’re interested in upskilling, as company we fairly unique in that we offer training on everything from aerial photography and cinematography to mapping surveying and photogrammetry. If you want to have a chat about any of the above feel free to call us on 01353 780766

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