Understanding what you’re selling…Do you?

There is a tendency within the drone industry (and indeed many others) to take the quick route to market, relying on the inbuilt automatic settings of the camera to deliver aerial imaging which, at best is half as good as it could be. One of the areas that this knowledge gap shows up is within the aerial mapping and surveying sector.

As a drone operator myself, I hear many horror stories of people selling services for which they do not have the appropriate knowledge or skills to carry out. It always comes back to bite them where it hurts.

One of the huge truth’s that we try and teach all our students from day one is that the product is the imaging. Not the camera or the platform that is lifting it.

This can be a huge moment of realization for many when they realise that they have never placed their aircraft (or camera) in manual mode. Aerial surveying, mapping, and photogrammetry is another area that ‘faking it’ very quickly shows up. Technical questions get asked very early on and when answers are not evident contracts get canceled!

Just think about it for a second, would you get into a boxing ring with a professional fighter without the right training? Although this example is a bit extreme it neatly illustrates the issue.

Acquiring the right skills and training is key to making sure that your drone business succeeds. It's not spending thousands on the equipment you won’t use (and don’t understand anyway) If you cannot answer your client's questions they will go with somebody who can.

When I started out there were now follow-on courses available. The industry consisted of around 2000 businesses, some of whom knew what they were doing and some who didn’t!

When we founded ProDrone Academy we spent nearly a year figuring out how to be different from the 30 or so other businesses doing the same thing. We decided that filling the huge knowledge gap was the most urgent and important way that we could be different. That’s why we currently offer the best phase 2 training courses on the market today.

Our phase 2 courses include

  • Drone Aerial Imaging Masterclass for Mapping, Surveying, and Photogrammetry

  • Aerial Photography and Cinematography 101

  • Enhanced Operations for Congested Areas

  • Sales and Marketing 101 for Drone Operators

None of our courses are recorded, they are all presented live via zoom or face to face if you feel comfortable with it. Our instructors are countries leading lights in their respective sectors.

If you feel you could use some help to up your game, give us a call for a chat on 01353 780766 or email ian@prodroneacademy.co.uk

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