Using Drones for Roof Inspection and Surveys.

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Using small unmanned aircraft in business has become popular over the last 3 years. This is because of the speed of development of new UAV technology (driven by the giant leaps in smartphone tech) and its ever-growing convergence with mobile devices. Most UAV’s have some kind of mobile UI (user interface) and software developers have made massive inroads into the UAV market through this route, and this offers massive scope to disrupt many established industries, one of these, in particular, being roofing.

The roofing industry has been around for a very long time, in fact ever since we emerged from caves and began to build houses. This trend caused a new raft of opportunities for people to injure both themselves and others, and also for human error (particularly in measurements) to cause all kinds of headaches for facilities managers, surveyors, planners and construction providers. But fortunately, drones came along and are in the process of totally revolutionising this long-established industry.

Using a drone to carry our roof inspection and survey work will radically decrease the number of injuries, deaths, project delays and errors that have become endemic within the industry. Today, within just one click of a button (maybe more than one!) and about 15 minutes you can produce beautifully detailed automated reports, in enormous detail with the incredibly minute margin for error in accuracy.

Using a drone to perform your roof inspections and surveys has the following advantages

• You don’t need any scaffolding, saving time and money.

• There is less opportunity for people to fall and injure themselves.

• There is less opportunity to drop things in peoples heads.

• Inspections can be performed in a fraction of the time usually taken

• Inspections can be performed with a high degree of accuracy (99.4% with our platform.

• Data is as current as it can be as most reports are issued on the same day as the survey has taken place.

• Problems can be spotted way before they begin.

• Reports can be performed on old buildings are regular intervals, showing any potential problems up long before they manifest.

So you might ask, ‘Why is anybody in their right mind still climbing up on a roof?’ Well, the answer is that within 3 years they may well not be!

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