Why are you really getting a PfCO?

When I ask the question “why are you getting your PfCO?” The most common reply so I can fly my drone commercially. But is that why you are getting your PfCO?


Most people, when they have completed a commercial drone training course with their chosen in NQE have little or no idea what comes next, or even worse what they are selling and this combined with a total lack of strategy can lead to the fledgeling drone businesses rapid demise.


So, what then is the answer to the question ‘Why are you getting your PfCO?’ It isn’t so you can fly your drone commercially! Here are some hints!


  • I am getting my PfCO because I want to offer high-end cinematography to my clients

  • I am getting my PfCO because I want to offer a specialist geospatial data-collection service to surveyors


What am I saying here? In essence, you need to sell the value of what you are offering, which in essence is either specialist data collection, high-end cinematography or aerial photography. Don’t talk about permissions or insurance, you should have already sent these to your prospect! Talk about perspective, angles, time-efficiency and so forth. In other words, show the customer where they win.


Telling the customer what you fly and that you have a PfCO won't impress. Telling them about how the end result will benefit them will. Show them how and where they win and so will you.


As the old saying goes….. it’s not what you’ve got, its what you do with it that counts!

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