You’re the remote pilot, accountable manager and the SALES GUY!

One of the subjects that comes up within our GVC and A2 C of C drone courses on a regular basis is how to create customers and generate revenue. The answer is easy! You have to market and sell your services. Selling is the last bit of starting a drone business that gets due consideration, and it always comes as a shock (or moment of truth) when people realise that they are now the sales guy!

Sales: plural noun. 1. a. the number of goods, products, or services that a company sells within a certain time period. The newspaper has sales of 1.72 million. Car sales are 5 per cent down on a year ago. Sales are looking very healthy this quarter.

Sales is a process in which you exchange your goods of services (whether drone imaging for mapping surveying or photogrammetry or indeed aerial cinematography) in exchange for valuable consideration, also known as money. In order to make this process work you have to create customers and generate sales. This will involve using a combination of social media, advertising and good old-fashioned talking to people in order to do both of the above. And guess what, that involves hard work!

The right way!

The good news is that sales can be learned. The best salespeople don’t use old fashioned ‘sales closes’, techniques or sleight of hand to get clients to buy. They demonstrate the value of their product in such a way that it allows clients to buy! Take the word value, what does it mean? An offer, time limited deal or added extra your client can get anywhere? Value is something that shows the customer where they when, how your service puts money in their pocket or acts in their favor.

If you really want to pass the value test, put the word PERCEIVED in front of VALUE. If your client doesn’t perceive value they wont buy!

Imagine you’re in Tesco looking at bake beans. You are faced with a choice of either Heinz Beans or Tesco’s own (hard as bullets) value beans. You will buy Heinz beans because you perceive they will taste better, and the fact they are three times the price isn’t an issue! That is perceived value in action, the motivation behind almost every sale that gets made.

Sales are not going to fall in your lap, you have to go out and get them. If you want to find out how to gain new clients and fill up your bank account you might want to take a look at our Sales and Marketing 101 for Drone Operators course. This gives you all of the framework you need to sell in your own way and style (people buy from people) and offers you an opportunity to give your business its best chance of success!

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