Beyond PfCO-Business Development, Sales and Marketing 101 for Drone Pilots

1 Day Intensive Workshop-Cost £450


You have passed your PfCO, invested thousands in new gear and the phone isn't ringing off the hook. Sound familiar? 


There is much hype surrounding the UAV industry, and stories abound with people landing multi-million-pound filming contracts. The reality is somewhat different. Like any new business, your UAV operation will require you to wear many hats. One of those is the Sales and Marketing Manager.


Our workshop will teach you the skills you need to:


  • Generate Sales Leads

  • Qualify New Prospects

  • How to Sell Yourself

  • How to generate perceived-value

  • How to hold your price when everybody else is dropping theirs


All of the content is specifically tailored to you as a commercial drone pilot, equipping you with the skills that you need to build, grow and maintain a successful business.