Three Benefits Of Professional Drone Pilot Training In The UK

Flying and controlling a drone will seem like something out of a movie for the first few flights. You may have seen the potential of your drone and how you can utilise it for individual or commercial purposes, but you will not have the expertise to fly it safely and confidently.


Our drone pilot training at Pro Drone Academy is perfectly suited to first-time flyers who are searching for a complete course that provides a layer of important information on the techniques, law, flight skills and various other aspects of flying a drone. 

If you are interested in our drone pilot training and want to understand why it is one of our most popular courses, we have set out three reasons why our training can be beneficial to you: 

  1. Learn a new skill:Whether you place it on your CV to add a new string to your photography or graphic bow, or you just want to learn how to fly your drone for fun our industry-leading drone pilots will teach you everything you need to know in an engaging and enjoyable way. ​

  2. Understanding the law around flying drones:Knowing where you are allowed to fly your drone has been big news since the Gatwick drone incident. It doesn’t matter what it says on the box about how high your drone can fly, you need to adhere to UK law. 

  3. Safe and controlled manoeuvres:Taking off and landing safely are two of the main elements to flying a drone, but we will also teach you how to safely perform a number of manoeuvres in the air. ​​


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